ConfiDent Laboratories

At ConfiDent, we appreciate that private dentistry caters for patients from across the financial board - patients whose treatments are NHS exempt through to Denplan type insurance covered patients and up to the wealthy, affluent and demanding 'traditional' private patient.

In view of this we offer three standards of private work, from a cost effective Private Standard which uses materials and processing techniques superior to NHS and most independent work up to the top-end Private Premier Standard which we regularly do for clients in the West End. The level of service through these standards is consistently the same; the difference lies with the materials used and our finesse when making the prosthesis.

We use suppliers that work in harmony with us to ensure we are at the cutting edge of new methods and materials and that stock levels are maintained across the range. We also have specialists in micro-crystaline flexible dentures which give fantastic results with few of the associated problems previously experienced with other flexible materials staining, poor abrasion resistance, difficulty of chairside adjustment and gum stripping.

Our master chrome technician is able to provide superior frameworks in very high quality alloy that are delicate in design, yet strong, accurate and forgiving in use, and we are fully trained in all of the major prosthesis techniques.